Venezuelan Heavy Industries, C.A., VHICOA is born as a result of the progress of the Venezuelan metalmechanical industry, which has Mr. Felix Van Dam who came to Venezuela from Belgium in the early 1940´s and became one of its pioneers.

1977: Main factory is inaugurated in the Zone of Matanzas, located in the City of Puerto Ordaz, southern Venezuela, near to the Orinoco River, with wide access ways both by land and river, next to the Orinoco Steel Mill (Sidor) and close to the largest hydroelectric generation sources in the country, Guri and Caruachi, which has allowed the Company to benefit from and contribute to the industrial growth in the region of the Venezuelan Guayana.

1997: Company is reestablished as VHICOA

2004: VHICOA manufactures the steel structure for the second Bridge over the Orinoco River, a work of vital importance for the development of Guayana.

2006: The yard (Allianza Deltana) for the assembly of large structural modules and large format, equipments, enters in operation, this yard has available a dock at the shore of the Orinoco River, which allows shipping our products through the river to anywhere in the world.

2006: VHICOA assumes the challenge and manufactures in a record time the metallic structure of the Viaduct for the Caracas-La Guaira Highway.

2011: VHICOA becomes a mixed company.

2011: The first Petroleum Drilling Rig made in Venezuela enters in operation for Offshore Operations.

2019: Management of the company is renewed and completely new set of authorities is designated under the leadership of Ramon Michelena as General Manager and Leonel Garcia as Finance Manager

Since its founding, VHICOA’s plant has produced about 500,000 tons of diverse structures and equipments, and in recent years it has implemented a process of investment and technological upgrading which makes us the Venezuelan metalmechanical plant of greatest projection, at the level of the main plants of this type in the world, able to produce parts of virtually any dimension.

We have advanced technology equipment for cutting, drilling, surface treatment and painting, software for production control and transportation equipment for large size structures and vessels. Since its opening VHICOA has been the pioneer Venezuelan company in exports of metal structures and equipment for different countries, with our highest coverage area in the Caribbean, Central and South America (Northern Brazil), Argentina and Colombia.