Quality Control
l foto control de calidad



In VHICOA we apply established procedures and controls within the scope of AISC standards, applicable to the manufacture of steel structures and as regards welding we apply the ASME quality and procedures handbook.

As a standard procedure, we apply the following control points:

  • Dimensional control of the templates.
  • Detailed checking of manufactured parts before final assembly.
  • Checking of the cleaning and grinding operation.
  • Geometric and dimensional checking of perforations in sheets and profiles for each of the series of elements manufacture with numerical control and applied at least to the first piece drilled at the beginning of each batch.
  • Random checking of the in cold cut surface of the components of the structure.
  • Checking the centering of the web of the beam, porosity or any other defect of the first element of each production batch.
  • Checking the assembly marks for each production batch.
  • Checking of the welding procedure.
  • Pre-assembly and checking of connections between structural elements.
  • Ultrasound checking with our own resources. If the project requires X-rays, these are outsourced.
  • Checking at the end of manufacturing, of the general cleanliness, marking, welding cleanliness and grinding.
  • DFT tests are performed at the beginning or at the end of manufacture according to requirements.
  • Paint adhesion tests, when required.