Performance of Contracts

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In VHICOA we are aware of the importance that a project represents for each owner, regardless of the size of it and the implications that a breach of any of the contractual commitments may bring. That's why in VHICOA we give personalized treatment to each of the projects we undertake, considering the following aspects:

  •      It is a consensual contract, where communication is important in all stages.
  •      It is at least a bilateral contract, as to the parties involved, and the parties should have fair benefits for all.
  •      Every contract involves rights and obligations for the contracting parties.
  •      It is a contract of result and not of activity, our primary goal is to meet deadlines and contract costs, within the constant changes in the economy.
  •     It is a contract of successive performance its, in that compliance requires the implementation of various stages and times.
  •      VHICOA gets the result agreed with our own organization, resources and equipments.
  •     The contract is based on the development of an activity in exchange for a fair price, taking into account the particular characteristics of VHICOA.