Production Processes and Procedures - 2



  • Cutting of profiles: This is done with electronic control equipment in both length and angle, we also use optical equipment for the same purpose. The cuts are made square in cold with automated control equipment ensuring a smooth cut without dangerous edges.

  • Drilling on sheets, profiles and angles: Drilling on sheets is made mostly using templates, while the profiles and angles are automatically drilled with digital control equipment. Sheets of large thickness are drilled with precision drills

  • Cutting of elements of large dimension: profiles and sheets of a large format and/or thickness are cut with digital control equipment coupled to the cold cutting line and fed by a conveyor belt.

  • Painting: All material is passed through shot blasting and then automatically painted according to project specifications, in controlled environment cabins, which allows guaranteeing the finishing under adverse weather conditions.

  • After cutting, other operations may be performed if required, such as rolling or pressing of sheets.