Production Controls
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In VHICOA both our staff and the plant equipments are prepared to rigorously implement essential controls in the production process, such as scheduling and allocation of manufacturing resources, quality control and tests which are made outside of standards production process, guaranteeing thus the optimum use of the materials, as well as the quality of the parts and the welding in the pieces that require it. The most frequently used controls are:

  • Workshop drawings: In VHICOA the check points list begins with the generation of technical documents of the project and shop drawings, which allows to pass automatically to the production and control areas the requirements on parts, steel, thickness, lengths, etc., minimizing the possibility of mistakes in the different production steps.
  • Drilling: detailed checkup, before moving forward into production of templates for drilling or punching. Templates of drawings generated by X-Steel are prepared in a 1:1 scale. These templates include hardened bushings for repetitive jobs. The size of the perforations and relative spaces are also programmed electronically.
  • Cutting of profiles: The program also provides lengths, angles and shapes for individual cuts to produce different elements, minimizing the possibility of errors and the loss of raw material.
  • Welding: When welding is required between profiles and/or sheets, it is made under controlled work shop conditions and verified by ultrasound, the equipments center the web on those of the beams automatically at the time that it is pressed to avoid thermal distortions. The welding process is made using the (SMAW), (SAW), and (GMAW) handbooks. We have the ability to apply TIG welding if required.