Engineering Procedures
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Once signed the contract between the Customer and VHICOA the following sequence of processes is activated:

  • Allocation of a work number to the project.
  • Development of a standard copy of the drawings of the project, which contains all the original information approved by the client. As revisions are made REVISED drawings are issued, the previous drawings are ANNULLED and filed for traceability of the project. Any additional information is entered on the standard set, stating the name and the date the information was received. In all other sets of drawings, these are replaced with the most recent version and the oldest one is destroyed.
  • All drawings as well as the number and date of revision, are entered in the logbook. When drawings with additional revisions are used, the new revision numbers and date are likewise entered.
  • For all the projects we generate detail engineering in order to fulfill special requirements or specifications, including such as the AISC, ASME, AWS, etc. In case we do not have applicable standards, we consult with VHICOA engineering department and/or with external advisors, generating special project requirements, which are distributed to all those responsible for the project.
  • We generate a work schedule based on the detailed engineering and distribute this information. For large projects, we generate the detailed information in order to assist the processes of production and assembly in case these are required.
  • The checking of special connections if required is programmed into the production software so it is available to the operator, who issues printed lists that are stored in a log book and comprises part of the project documents.