Report to Customers

In VHICOA as a standard procedure, we prepare a monthly report, and we may increase the frequency and information contained in the report upon request of the customer. The minimum content of a report is:

    • Report on the procurement of materials, including supplier shipment status, transit and nationalization, port handling, local transportation, reception at the plant, etc.
    • Reports on the status of the drawings and changes, and preparation of work shop and "As Built" drawings.
    • Graphic report showing percentages of progress in the production and pending in each stages.
    • Report on the quality and tests performed.
    • Report on partial shipments and deliveries to the work.
    • Reports on the of variations or changes of scope in costs, quantities, metric computations, etc.
    • Report of final settlement of the work or the start of new stages not included in the original scope of the project, when applicable