In the development of a typical project significant volume of profiles, steel sheets, bolts and other inputs is involved, where the "Procurement" of raw material is a relevant task to ensure the compliance of the execution times of the work. Currently due to the high thicknesses and kinds of steel alloys that require large-scale works as those we undertake in VHICOA, a high percentage of the steel involved in every project needs to be imported.

That is why in VHICOA we have specialized Venezuelan personnel to cover the steps of requesting quotation, purchase, insurances, warranties, transportation and nationalization raw materials raw materials required for each project, based on the list of material generated by our technical department, locating the required material, with the best price and delivery time.

The largest part of our procurement is made with international companies of proven reliability and solvency such as: Nucor, Structural Fasteners, Arbed, Thyssen, British Steel, among others, with which VHICOA has a longstanding history of frequency and handling of high purchase volumes, allowing us to optimize the times of production, shipping, receiving and prices, critical factors in order to ensure compliance with the deadlines established for each project.

Our staff carries out the full procurement procedure including selecting the proper customs broker according to the shipping port, taking into account the frequency of ships, allowing us to optimize the time of receipt at a Venezuelan port.

This procurement procedure includes without any exception, the quality assurance of the material to be used, always demanding the pertinent quality certificates.