Painting Facilities

VHICOA`s plant has state of the art technology to provide a painting process that meets international quality standards, where the process of surface preparation and paint application in appropriate conditions are important parts to ensure the quality of the protection, in strict compliance with the international standards in force.

Currently all material are processed in the shot blast cabinet where mechanical cleaning is executed in a controlled environment to avoid contamination to both the environment and personnel. Without exception all the profiles and/or sheets are cleaned before being painted according to the project specifications. Once the process is finished and the compliance with the guidelines of the project verified, the material is sent to the storage area where it remains under ideal conditions until it is sent to the work.

During 2013 VHICOA made a significant investment to improve the area of preparation and painting, having already installed at the plant and in the process of testing, the equipment needed to operate a new state of the art line of surface preparation and painting in a controlled environment, totally automated, allowing better control of the quality and use of finishing materials to adapt to the highest standards of the global metalworking industry, with more processing power and minimal effects on the environment, a major commitment of our management.