The company

VHICOA is a Mixed Company dedicated to the design, engineering, manufacture and assembly of pressure vessels and large format steel structures for industrial, residential, commercial, education, etc. uses, products aimed at the domestic and international markets, complying with strict quality controls and equipped with state of the art technology, which added to our human capital places us at the level of the most important metalmechanical companies in the world.

VHICOA has human resources, equipment and logistic facilities to provide and transport large format structures and equipments, with proven quality which is backed by quality certifications issued by globally recognized institutes within competitive price ranges and delivery times.

Additionally our plant has a privileged location in the industrial heart of Venezuela, near to the country's hydroelectric generation and adjacent to the river port on the Orinoco River, with wide terrestrial roads, allowing VHICOA to manufacture, assemble and transport structures and equipment of virtually any size and weight.