Control of the Project




In VHICOA being aware of the importance for the client of each project in which we participate, we assign a Project Engineer who will ensure strict compliance with all the stages of the project including frequent reporting to and contact with the client. His main responsibility shall be the coordination between the different departments of the company such as sales, engineering and procurement of inputs, jointly with the work in the shop of production of parts, painting, assembly and installation wherever required.

The Project Engineer shall be in turn responsible for the administration of the contract, the timely documentation of changes on the original project, as well as the change in the scope of the project or to generate new stages, if so required.

In pressure vessels projects: we use the "COMPRESS" software that allows testing the basic engineering and design of pressure equipment, considering basically the design and working conditions provided by the client.

In structures projects: our technical department uses the X-steel program, which is a 3D design software that is able not to only perform the structural analysis, but it checks connections, generates cutting templates, locates perforations, welding of parts etc., thereby reducing to a minimum the possibility of manufacturing mistakes and interruptions in the assembly process.